The original TSB Bank Staff Benevolent Fund is the successor to the Savings Bank Institute Benevolent Fund.  The Savings Bank Institute was the professional body for Savings Bank employees and its Benevolent Fund provided benevolence to the staff of the multitude of regional banks.  As the individual banks merged to eventually form the TSB Bank Plc, the role of the Institute was replaced by ourselves    In 2009 we obtained the agreement of the Charities Commission to amend our constitution to extend benevolence to the Lloyds TSB Pension Scheme No1 (covering Lloyds Bank heritage staff).

Beneficiaries of the fund include the legacy companies of the original TSB Group Plc including UDT, Hill Samuel, Escombe Lambert Ltd, Lambert Bros Ltd, Isis Plant Ltd, Swan National Ltd and other former subsidiaries.

In 2015, to reflect change within the banking sector, we obtained approval from the Charities Commission to make further changes to our constitution, permitting us to extend benevolence to both staff and pensioners of the TSB Bank Group Plc and Lloyds Bank Group Plc.


Our Independent Examiners

Our Bankers and Investment Advisors

Lawson J Coombes
Aline Ewan
Iain C Brodie
Anthony Liversedge
Lloyds Group AuditAldgate House

London   EC3N 1DL


Lloyds TSB Private Banking Ltd
21 -23 Hill Street

We are fortunate in having a dedicated Committee, which is made up of retired officers of the Bank.  Together they provide a wide spectrum of experience which is to the benefit of all our Members in the review of cases.

Copies of the Rules and Constitution are available from the Secretary of the Fund by request.